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Oath Week 2014

April 5th to April 11th


The Oath of Inclusion, our University's commitment to diversity and inclusion, speaks of building community, a shared vision, education, and a fostering of compassion and respect for all members of the humanity. Based on these themes, the Student Government Association is organizing and sponsoring a week long series of events and programs, all focused on the Oath. Below is a maessage from the VP of Diversity and Social Justice, Amelia Romo:

SLU Students, Faculty, Staff, and Administration, 

Happy Oath Week! It is my honor and pleasure to kick off the second annual Oath Week, presented by Diversity Leadership Cabinet (DLC), a collaborative committee of SGA! Since the Oath of Inclusion’s inception in 2007, it has been widely celebrated, promoted and integrated as a part of the culture of our SLU community. With impactful and meaningful verses that are calls to action all their own, our Oath of Inclusion is something that we as students are proud of, and we as justice advocates must see as a set of standards with which we should hold our peers and our institution to.

Last year, Oath Week began as an opportunity to deepen and explore the opportunities that are afforded to all when there is an institutional priority to seek out people from diverse racial groups, ethnic groups, sexualities, genders, ages, abilities, faiths, classes and ideologies. This year, Oath Week will once again serve as a catalyst for change and action by giving students, faculty and staff the ability to raise consciousness and begin to have healthy dialogue and conversations about the Oath’s larger impact on us as students: because it speaks to our individual and social identities. Oath Week is meant to give opportunities to talk about the tough issues: bias incidents and why they happen, the faults of a culture of political correctness, institutionalized racism and what it looks like, and more. DLC’s Oath Week is a continuation of the Oath itself - the words put into action, if you will, for all SLU students to take up the charge we are given as recipients of a Jesuit education to pursue justice where there is a lack of it, where the dignity of all is not honored, and where there is disparate access to the full SLU student experience due to an individual’s identity.

Diversity Leadership Cabinet invites all of you to participate in Oath Week via social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram by telling us how you are living out the Oath of Inclusion, as well as by attending the events put on by a multitude of student groups, peers and departments on campus.  We further challenge you to think critically about the ways we have been socialized to see difference. DLC can be found on Twitter and Instagram at @SLU_DLC, and on Facebook as “SLU Diversity Leadership Cabinet”. We ask that you use the hashtags #LivinIt and #OathWeek2014 when posting and tweeting about anything related to Oath Week.

Today, we kicked the week off strong, as you all saw in the pictures of the participants of the “Reclaiming Me” campaign posted on the inside and outside of Gries, on the first floor of the BSC, and in the Center for Global Citizenship. If you haven’t checked these pictures out on Facebook or in person, take the time to see them and Tweet us your reactions! Also today Sexual Assault Prevention Assembly, Una and Rainbow Alliance members helped to paint “the Consent Mural” which speaks to what consent

Tomorrow, be sure to join DLC in our “Game Night” which is promising to be a fun and eye-opening experience. Our guest facilitator will be Dr. Richard Harvey from the Psychology Department, so bring your friends who are especially good at Monopoly for a unique twist on this classic game!

Wednesday, be sure to check out DLC’s “Humans of SLU” blog that features members of our campus community whose voices deserve to be highlighted, but who maybe we don’t think twice to talk to. It’s very similar to “Humans of New York”, and we hope this tradition and blog stays alive and maintained well beyond Oath Week. Know someone who should be featured on the blog? Tweet us!

Every night this week, be sure to join members of DLC and Intergroup Dialogue for “Fireside Chats”, dialogues on hot topic issues that have to do with inclusion, privilege and oppression. All are invited, so even if you are not sure what those words mean, Fireside Chats would be a great opportunity to learn! You need not participate if all you’d like to do is listen and observe, but of course all are invited. The dialogues will occur every night this week including Friday at 5:15 pm in CGC Multi-Purpose Room( in the very back of the building on the left-hand side)!

“Like” DLC’s Facebook page to receive updates throughout the week and mark your calendars for the events you’d like to go to- see the calendar of events I’ve attached to this message. Or, visit sga.slu.edu/OathWeek2014 to stay updated!

I hope you all use this week to learn more and challenge yourself and become engaged in conversations of diversity, inclusion and social justice. As always, Diversity Leadership Cabinet is a resource to all, so please email the DLC account at dlc@slu.edu with any questions or concerns.


Amelia Celestina Romo

VP of Diversity and Social Justice on SGA


Oath Week is packed with events, programs, presentations, and various other projects - all happening in only four days! Check out the event calendar to see all that is happening during Oath Week this year. 

Diversity Leadership Cabinet is proud to release for the second year in a row, the "Reclaiming Me" photo campaign speaks to every person who has ever been reduced to a clichéd stereotype. 
To the women who want to be engineers. To the athletes that are scholars. To the timid introvert who is a closet comedian. To the all of the people who have ever been judged or misunderstood. We are tired of the negative stigmas that our society perpetuates regarding culture, race, socioeconomic status, religion, sexuality, gender, and ability. 

Be sure to check out DLC's Oath Week efforts throughout the week and see our other campaign photos on SLU Diversity Leadership Cabinet Facebook page!


Attend and participate! All members of the University community - students, faculty, staff, administration, St. Louis community members - are invited to attend and participate in any of the events. Events will be free and open to anyone. 

When you attend an event, let us know! Use #LivinIt or #OW2013 on Twitter to tell us what you think about the Oath and any of the Oath Week events. Your tweets may even appear on the SGA or DLC social media. 


Contact the Vice President of Diversity & Social Justice, Amelia Celestina Romo, via sga.diversity@slu.edu if you have any questions or suggestions for Oath Week 2014 and for future Oath Weeks. 
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SGA VP of Diversity and Inclusion,
Apr 10, 2014, 2:52 PM
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