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  • Sgt. Pasquale Signorino 

Upcoming Tasks and Initiatives

Instating the use of Drug Dogs on Campus

One of the most pressing problems facing SLU students on campus is the negative, harmful effects that drugs have.  This is a problem that is constantly being dealt with by Resident Advisors, Residence Life Staff, and most importantly, roommates and fellow students of the violators.  The SSCC is working with DPSEP and the Saint Louis Metropolitan City Police Department to have occasional drug dog sweeps of random areas on campus. This is intended to serve as a proactive method of cutting down on the use and trafficking of drugs on SLU’s campus.  

*UPDATE: Senate voted "Nay" in regards to (SR) 016-12, found HERE

Dealing with Crossing Grand Blvd.

Another important issue on campus is the alarmingly large number of students who are currently getting hit by cars while crossing over Grand.  What makes this problem difficult to address is that every victim of these traffic accidents has been J-Walking, meaning that it has been the student’s fault.  The opinion of the SSCC as well as DPSEP is that the only legitimate way of solving this problem is to change the mindset of SLU that J-Walking is okay.  However, the committee is currently looking for practical ways to bandage the problem.

The New Desk Shift Policy

SGA and the SSCC are happy to announce that all desks will be staffed 24-7 from now on.  This is a great switch from the new policy that was initially instated in which desks were unstaffed from 9:00-12:00 in the morning.  However, the committee is continuing to make sure than any safety issues possibly resulting from the relatively recent switch in policy is being addressed.  One initiative currently being worked on is how SLU Ride is going to address these new policies, and how they are continuing to offer excellent service to students on campus.  

Let Us Know What You Think

Please don’t hesitate to get into contact with the committee if you have any questions or concerns.  We would love to hear your opinions on any of the initiatives the committee is currently working on.  In addition to this, please let us know what else you want us to be working on.  We are here to serve the students of Saint Louis University, so your concerns are our concerns.

Contact:  Alexander Intagliata