Past Projects

Live the Oath: Interfaith Art, Dance, and Music Festival, September 28

Live the Oath: Interfaith Art, Dance and Music Festival

The Diversity Leadership Cabinet and umbrella diversity and social justice chartered student organizations invited everyone to DLC’s first event: “Live the Oath: Interfaith Art, Dance, and Music Festival.” The event was held on Wednesday, September 28, 2011 in SLU’s quad and was open to all students, faculty, and staff to participate. SLU students also distributed “Live the Oath” buttons, cards, and brochures. This event was not only the first DLC event of the year, but it was  kick-off event for the newly-structured DLC to launch SLU’s pivotal Oath of Inclusion into practice. The Oath of Inclusion has promised to be accepting and embracing to students of all different faiths, and this event celebrated that ideal.  Additionally, this event was an inauguration of SLU’s participation in the President’s Interfaith and Community Service Challenge Initiative, a nationwide call from President Obama for United States colleges and universities to engage in understanding one another through interfaith work and community service.   SLU decided to participate in the challenge and DLC was asked to spearhead this particular event by encouraging participation in its various aspects: dance booths, information stations, world music, and prayer stations. As a remnant of the event and to ensure that the theme and objective were lived out, DLC had participants create a tapestry: Saint Louis University’s Center for Service and Community Engagement’s Spirituality Tapestry. Now a traveling quilt, look out for it in a SLU building near you!

DLC Dialogue Series, November 28 - December 8
The Diversity Leadership Cabinet First Dialogue Series took place Monday, November 28th through Thursday, December 8th, 2011. All were held in the Cross Cultural Center of the Busch Student Center at 7 PM. The series was composed of eight dialogues, each made-up of various Chartered Student Organizations:
  1. Oppression Across Cultures
    1. CSOs: SLU Solidarity With Palestine + SLU National Association for the Advancement of Colored People + SLU Jews
    2. Date: Monday, November 28th
  2. Immigration through the Ages and Faces
    1. CSOs: International Student Federation + Irish-American Student Guild + Hispanic American Leadership Organization + Italian Club + Filipino Student Association + Asian American Association
    2. Date: Tuesday, November 29th
  3. Causes of AIDS in Developing Countries
    1. CSOs: Keep a Child Alive + Indian Student Association
    2. Date: Wednesday, November 30th
  4. Save the Blue Planet
    1. CSOs: Just Earth + OneWorld
    2. Date: Thursday, December 1st
  5. Parenthood as a Student
    1. CSOs: Students for Life + Una
    2. Date: Monday, December 5th
  6. U.S. & Korea: Race and Culture in the 21st Century
    1. CSOs: Korean Student Association + Political Round Table
    2. Date: Tuesday, December 6th
  7. The Impact of Culture on Coming Out
    1. CSOs: Rainbow Alliance + Black Student Alliance + Students United For Africa
    2. Date: Wednesday, December 7th
  8. Interfaith Service in STL
    1. CSOs: United Way + Alpha Phi Omega + Muslims Student Association + Knights of Columbus + InterFaith Alliance + Hindu Students Community
    2. Date: Thursday, December 8th
Internally, within the DLC body, we called the event our "match-making" series. DLC played “match-maker” to all of CSOs within our DLC body to create events pairing together CSOs that have never worked together in the past or have very diverse missions, to come together to tackle one common cause and discuss it. Their viewpoints on the "issue" may have been completely contradictory, but they were able to come together in one room to work together, providing a dialogue to the students, faculty, and staff. The DLC representatives spearheaded the discussion to all who attended with an introduction they created - some in form of videos, others with PowerPoint presentations, while some just dove right into questions. Discussions lasted on average of an hour each day. DLC hopes to be able to host this safe dialogue space for the SLU community again in the future!