About DLC

The Diversity Leadership Cabinet (DLC) of the Student Government Association (SGA) serves as the student voice for diversity and social justice concerns on Saint Louis University’s campus.  DLC is both a legislative body composed of students from various multicultural and social justice organizations. DLC is responsible for listening to and acting upon student diversity and social justice concerns to ensure that SLU is providing a safe and inclusive environment to all students.

The issues regarding diversity lie within the factors that hinder its breadth, not diversity itself. Those issues of inclusion, awareness, education, transparency, communication, and collaboration are what need to be improved in order to see diversity truly light up Saint Louis University’s campus. Though our campus is not a utopian society that will be the first to see a world void of racism, sexism, classism, or any other form of discrimination, DLC will continue to work for a society that will foster students that lead by example in abolishing these injustices to create a more inclusive world.

All of these concerns and issues that surface are discussed in detail at DLC’s weekly meetings. All SLU students, faculty, and staff are welcome to attend and voice any of their sentiments on inclusion on campus and how DLC can help to make everyone feel more accepted.

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Jan 30, 2012, 6:49 AM