SGA Committees 2014 -2015

Please click on the one of the below links to learn more about the current projects of each respective committee. Committees are composed of both Senators and Committee Representatives; if you would like to become involved with any of the committees please contact the Vice President of Internal Affairs.

Academic Affairs Committee 
Chair: Tommy English
Committee Members: Ben O’Donnell, Mike Degnan, Ellyn Cory, Chris Canedo, Kevin Lynch, Kyle Lincoln, Greg Felock, Katie Lewis, Dan KennedyChristine Alexander, Dean Wilson 

Civic Affairs Committee
Chair: Carson Jones
Committee Members: Grant Mayfield, Hannah McEnery, Christine Alexander  Kanav Gupta,  Leianna Tanedo, Mahi Yetukuri 

Diversity Leadership Cabinet 
Chairs: Mika Romo, Chloe Owens 
Committee Members: Molly Farmer, Chris Canedo, Grant Mayfield, Kala Chinnaswamy, Edwin Oluoch, Landon Brownfield, Renee Richter, Emily Bley,  Alex Conway,  Brenna Sullivan

Finance Committee
Chair: Jaisel Patel
Committee Members: Alexander Cunningham, Bridget Donovan, Carson Jones, Christien West, Jessica Steams, Ronald Clark, Zach Vaninger 

Internal Affairs Committee 
Chair: Drew Roznowski
Committee Members: Ben O’Donnell,  Grant Mayfield, Landon Brownfield, Liz Stark, Ellie Cash

International Affairs Committee
Chair: Dorien Villafranco
Committee Members: Walaa Ashmeg,  Nora Prego

Mission and Ministry Committee 
Chair: Andrew Sullivan
Committee Members: Andrew Sullivan, Bridget Donovan, Nora Prego, Dan Kennedy, Abbie Amico, Loriann Clark, Alex Conway, Jeffrey Foerg 

Student Affairs Committee
Chair: Molly Farmer
Committee Members: Andrew Sullivan, Ethan Shavers, Walaa Ashmeg, Landon Brownfield, Luella Loseille. Hannah McEnery, Ryan Wong, Liz Stark, Zach Vaninger, David Gembara, Jamie Hardin  

Student Organizations Committee 
Chair: Nicole Kim 
Committee Members: Mike Degnan, Maddie O’Brien, Alex Conway,  Harita Abraham, Ronald Clark, Connor Herdes  

Student Outreach Committee
Chair: Ellie Cash
Committee Members: Mike Degnan, Ellyn Cory, Luella Loseille, Lindsey Cross, Jessica Gottsacker, Sidney Thompson, Joe McMillen

 Wellness Committee
Chairs: Jaisel Patel, Mary Murphy
Committee Members: Ryan Wong, Dan Daly, Tessa O'Donnell, Molly Brown, Kat Carroll, Ronald Clark, Joy Kudia, Dean Wilson