Our Mission 

We, the Associated Students of Saint Louis University, in order to establish a representative student government, to provide an open forum for dialogue and a voice for student opinions concerning the affairs of the University; to involve students in a productive partnership of shared governance with the faculty, staff, and administration of the University; to promote the welfare and unity of the greater student community; to uphold the ideals and values of the Jesuit Catholic tradition, especially the ideal of “Men and Women for Others;” do hereby ordain and establish this Constitution for the service of the student body and ad majorem Dei gloriam

How we work
  • Executive Board: 
    • Executive Board positions (President, VP Academic Affairs, VP Student Organizations, VP Finance, VP Diversity and Social Justice, VP Internal Affairs, VP International Affairs) are selected by the student body through a campus vote which takes place the last Tuesday of February. For more information on the current Executive Board, visit this page
  • Senate:
    • The Senate is also voted on by the student body through a campus vote taking place the last Tuesday of February. The Senate is a legislative body comprised of representatives from all 13 schools and colleges, all residence halls and campus apartments, commuter students, the Black Student Alliance and the International Student Federation. For a current listing of the Senate, visit this page
  • Committee Representatives: 
    • Committee Representatives are members of the Association who are actively involved in our many committees. Committee Representatives hold voting rights within their respective committees but do not vote on legislation during Senate meetings. Committee Representatives are selected via an interview process managed by the Committee for Internal Affairs. For a current listing of all Committee Representatives, visit this page

Past Accomplishments

SGA VP of Communications and Internal Affairs,
Feb 27, 2017, 3:45 PM